The Intersection of Nostalgia and Desire

So allow me to start by saying Merry Christmas!  Well, Christmas isn’t actually for another 3 hours…but by the time you read this, we’ll be well in the throes of Christmas.

I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but I do enjoy the mood of the season…well, kind of.  I hate the commercialism of the season..but I love the idea of giving to others and all that other happy jazz…which we should be practicing all 365 days of the year, but that’s another conversation for another time.

Yes, I digress.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my time in Afghanistan.  I spent 9 months in Afghanistan with the United States Army in 2008-2009.  There are several reasons why that period of time in particular has been on my mind.

  1. I actually find myself talking about my military experience at work.  My job lends me to talking about violence a lot, and as a veteran, I think I bring a unique perspective on the topic of violence.
  2. One of my favorite podcasts, “Serial”, is focused on the case of Bowe Bergdahl, who was actually stationed in the same province of Afghanistan as I was.  Many of the places mentioned in the podcast I can literally close my eyes and see in my head.  It has provided a flood of memories.

In the midst of the nostalgia of those days, both good and bad, I had an overwhelming desire to come over me.

While in Afghanistan, a fellow soldier turned me on to playing RPG games, and one game in particular we played for countless hours:

Photo courtesy of:
Photo courtesy of:

Now, needless to say the world is in the midst of STAR WARS FEVER!!!

And yes, I’ve played my part in making Star Wars: The Force Awakens quite possibly the biggest movie ever!

So, I decided to dig out the old game and spend a day or two playing.

And let me say that it has been marvelous. It’s a really fun game, and it feels like fitting into a comfortable old time.  It’ hard to explain, but you know…I think Lewis Black put it perfectly in one of his stand ups:

That feeling when you’re sitting in a bathtub that is just the exact right temperature!

It’s weird how nostalgia can sometimes bring on overwhelming desires.  Fortunately, the visit to history has brought me some joy, and I suppose in this life, there’s not much else you can hope to get.

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