Father’s Day

Hello WordPress…I’m back.

I feel like a husband who left his wife for a mistress, and then after he’s had his fun, he comes crawling back.

Here I am.  Will you accept me?

Today is Father’s Day.  I always get down in the dumps on Father’s Day.  I don’t ever really think about it until all the “Happy Father’s Day!”  start flying around.  I lost my father years ago.  13 or so at this juncture.

I miss my dad.  A lot.  Every day.  But especially today, when everyone is posting pictures, and talking about how fabulous their father is, etc, etc, etc.

And so it goes.  I didn’t do much today.  I’m in the midst of riding 860 miles this month for the Great Cycle Challenge, which raises money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. I’ve currently raised $940 dollars, and committed myself to riding 860 miles in solidarity.  So far this month I’ve ridden 458 miles.  I got 402 to go.

During my ride yesterday, I knew I had a leak, but fortunately I made it home.  Unfortunately, I woke up to a flat today.  Fortunately, Small Shop Cycles is open on Sunday, and I was able to go in and get a quick innertube replacement.  I also got a chain cleaning kit, and some other materials to clean my bike, which I did this evening.  It’s far from perfect (could really use a hose), but it looks pretty good, and the chain, derailleurs and my cassette and rings are all clean.  And lubed.  I also discovered that one of me pedals was falling apart, which I fixed.  Both pedals were loose actually, so glad I caught that before I got stranded somewhere.

Beyond that, I recorded my first podcast this weekend, with a friend who was in town, Sarah.  She crashed on my couch, which was cool.  It was the first time seeing her in 19 years.  It was great to catch up, and I’m glad I was able to save her some money, especially in this town.  Love this town, but it for damn sure ain’t cheap, and that includes hotels and Air B&B’s.

And here I am.  Waiting for my chili in my slow cooker, watching Gran Torino, hoping that it doesn’t rain tomorrow (it’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, but this weather has been crazy and atrocious), and hoping I can get some extra miles in tomorrow.  I’ve been slacking on miles the past few days.  Hoping the rest does the legs good, because it’s been hell on my motivation.

I did talk to one of my two daughters today though.  That was the highlight of my day.  They’re soon to be 14, such a strange time for your girls, and I feel the distance between us growing much further than the few hundred miles between Chicago and Florida.  A constant source of depression.

I gotta figure it out.

How was your Father’s Day?   Did you get to spend time with your dad?  Are you a Father?  Did you spend time with the fam?  Lets hear how your day was in the comments down below.

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I hate this computer. 


  1. Good to have you back. I am a daughter not a dad who has daddy issues but I’m learning that all I ever wanted him to do growing up was to show up and I think In a way he did because he was the bread winner of the house and for him being present meant providing and none of the other “emotional” stuff. I’m grateful he is here and I hope I make him proud. And so from a daughter’s perspective I say just show up because that means a whole lot than food at the table or new clothes for Christmas …

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