Positive Interactions With Positive People

Sleep?  Who needs sleep???

So, the other night, I had an amazingly positive experience that I needed to recount.

I’ve been down the past few weeks.  Back to back injuries, feeling very listless in life…just feeling down.  That feeling was kind of encapsulated Monday night as I rode my bike to work that morning, which definitely aggravated my abdominal issue.

Made a mistake…my bad.

Biking home was worse.

I also wanted to get some laundry done.  I hate doing laundry in my building (so f’in expensive), but I definitely wasn’t hauling clothes anywhere, so I put a load in the washing machine, and headed to Whole Foods in Hyde Park.

I don’t often shop at Whole Foods.  It’s a bit rich for my blood.  But I remembered they have really good pizza, and at 2 slices for $6, the taste to price ratio was right up my alley.  It had been a long day, I’d had salad for lunch I was in the doldrums, and all I wanted was to eat and watch a movie while icing my abs.

You know how in those minutes, when you kind of feel at the end of the rope, is exactly when things never seem to go right?  Well, that’s exactly what happened when I got to Whole Foods.

The pizza was all gone!


There were no more slices.  The young lady working at the pizza bar was still making whole pizza, but that was it.

I didn’t want a whole pizza.  I shouldn’t have been eating pizza anyway, but I just wanted two slices of pepperoni.

I shook my head, and started towards the frozen food section.  And then I noticed the prepared foods/deli section next to the pizza.

As I said, I don’t often rock with Whole Foods, but I saw a sign that read,

1 Entree + 2 Sides = $9-$12

The young lady working behind the counter approached, and I said “Hey, how does this entree and sides deal work?”

And she walked me through it.  Pleasantly.  With a smile.  I don’t know if she could sense I was having a bad day, but she took the time to lay out all the options, and I was like “wow!”

In retrospect, I was suddenly way more excited about food than I should have been…but I think I was much more uplifted by her positive disposition.  So, I decided on cheese lasagna, garlic and parsley green beans, and smoked mozzarella pasta.

The young lady, Brandy, was tickled by my excitement.  And I was genuinely excited to some degree. I walked in to get pizza, and was walking out with a real meal.

“Wow.  I’m excited.  Brandy, you are the best!”

“Well thank you!”

“I think you’ll definitely be seeing more of me.  I think we’re going to be good friends!”

“I look forward to it!”

And with that, a positive interaction completely lifted my day.  My week.  It might have been my first genuine smile of the week.

I’m going to send a letter to Whole Foods to thank them for the amazing customer service that Brandy provided.  Having worked in retail, I know that small gestures like that really matter, and I know that it can sometimes be hard to offer that kind of human touch…but I was genuinely grateful.

I went home, warmed up my food, sat at the table, and had dinner, with a much lighter disposition.  And to add the cherry on top, the food was enough for two separate meals, one of which I’ll be having today for lunch.  #Winning

It’s so very true, that it’s often the little things that mean the very much.

Thanks Brandy!

So when was the last really positive interaction you had with someone?

Or, blow your own horn.  When was the last time you totally lifted someone else’s day?

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