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Hello friends!

This week DION MCGILL (@Dionsmusica) chats with Obama Foundation Civic Leadership Corps fellow, activist, and entrepreneur OLUWASEYI SAM ADELEKE (@prgrssn). 

The conversation covered so many bases, including: Puerto Rico, immigration, the current American political culture and systems, racism, black culture, the Obama Foundation Civic Leadership Corps, how America stacks up compared to other countries, “Real” Chicago, Toxic Masculinity, Same’s apparel business Progression with the Krown, the current environmental crisis, reparations, and Michelle Obama. We are talking some serious conversation here, with lots of laughs! 

Also, apologies for the bumping noises.  I wasn’t able to monitor the audio while recording, and our bumping on the table was traveling to the microphone.  Apologies. I will be cognizant of that in the future! 

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This show was recorded on a Blue Yeti microphone. 

Intro music courtesy of: The place for royalty free music.  

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