Love Is Blind Episode 3: Bend The Knee!

Spoiler Alert!  If you haven’t seen episode 3 of Love Is Blind, go do so now before reading this.  I’m dropping all the dimes.

So, you’ve spent 10 days dating a houseful of strangers. You’ve all entered with open minds and open hears (hopefully) with the knowledge that everyone else in the house is looking for love. ❤️ Over the course of the 10 days, you’ve fallen in love with a personality.  And finally you decide to propose.

That’s where we are at the beginning of episode 3. Actually one of the best moments of the episode in my opinion is when Damian begins proposing to Giannina. After his actual popping of the question, Giannina says that she doesn’t believe in roles, and tells Damian to stand up, at which point she gets down on one knee and asks him to marry her.

You go girl!

And yes, there were more tears this episode.  So many more tears.  Most of them of joy…but not all.  And as a quick side note, I absolutely heart Giannina’s voice.

After the proposals, the couples get to meet. Shortly after the dual proposal, Giannina exclaims “I’m engaged to a man I’ve never seen before.”

Wow. Could you do that? I’m not even sure I’m willing to get engaged to someone I haven’t had sex with.

How many of us shrink at the thought of a blind date, let alone a blind engagement?

From there, Giannina and Damian actually meet.  It was actually very sweet.  Umm…quite a treat?  Super rad and neat?  Ok, I digress…

Damian had no inkling of how amazingly beautiful Giannina would be. She stepped back and looked at him and said “I pictured you…but I never pictured this.”  Damian is a ginger, but definitely a good looking guy. They both seemed pleased in a very awesome “aww” moment.

It made me think…how many of us have potentially missed out on a magnificent match, because they didn’t fit an ideal archetype look of what we want in a mate?  Not tall enough, not the right hair…let’s not even talk about race. How much does the world of love open up when we take away all of the arbitrary bullshit?  I mean, that stuff really doesn’t matter, right?

Then we swing to Bennett, a strapping young lad who has found himself emotionally attached to 2 people.  He cries about this as well. Crying about potentially being in love with two seemingly amazing, unbeknownst to him but gorgeous, women?  Stop crying Bennett. Stop crying. But his situation lends itself to an interesting quagmire of romance,

Can you be in love with 2 people simultaneously? 

My thought is of course you can.  You can have 8 children and love them all equally (well relatively equal, we all know that parents have favorites). Now that people are thinking wider than the puritanical purview of love, perhaps the stories are right that polyamory is the new sexual (romantic?) revolution?

Are polyamorous relationships the future of love?

Well, Love Is Blind isn’t that revolutionary, and Bennett chose the Ex-Army Mechanic, Amber, which I felt was the wrong pick. In confessional, he discussed the differences between Amber’s love being fiercly intense, vs. the slow-burning love of LC.

I would’ve totally chosen LC.  She seemed a bit more level-headed, and as he said, definitely seemed like someone who would make an amazing life partner.  Amber just struck me as…young maybe?  I’m a 40 year old man.  I’m totally game for level-headed.

And at the end of the 10 days, we have 6 couples, each with a wedding that is 4 weeks away.

They’re now being whisked away to a tropical paradise vacation in Cancun Mexico.  As Nick Lachey offers, “The couples now have the opportunity to turn emotional connection to a physical one.”

One thing I love about this experiment is that is exactly the opposite of how we actually do it in society.  Relationships start as physical attraction, and we hope that that attraction will be equaled by a mental and emotional attraction.  Hmm…

And as the couples embark on their tropical vacations, we’re posed with this interesting take:

“The couples have fallen in love with who they are on the inside, but now they will be faced with the physical realities of the material world.  They started with love and emotional connection…but is love enough?”

I suppose that’s the question we’re all posed with…right?

Is love enough?

What are your thoughts on the show so far?  On Polyamory?  Have you ever participated in a non-traditional romantic/sexual coupling or know someone who has?  How did it/is it working out? 

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