Love is Blind Episodes 4-5 & The Intersection of Real Life

Hey Fam!

It’s been a while I feels. I’m sorry.  Life has completely taken off for me, and I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve.  I’ve missed you all though…and I missed the cast of Love is Blind. So I finally had an opportunity to jump back in.  I’d actually already watched episode 4, but went ahead and finished off episode 5.

Spoiler Alert!  If you haven’t watched episode 5, stop!  Go watch it, and come back!

Alrighty, so it was particularly interesting for me to watch episode 5.  The couples are in their beachside paradise, interacting both as a group (often getting sloshed at the bar as a large group) and of course independently, continuing to get to know each other.  Remember, we’re technically only 2 weeks into this experiment.

At this juncture, Jessica is on my nerves.  She’s a blond haired, blue eyed, beautiful little waif of a woman, who is obviously used to dating really hunky guys. She had originally connected strongly with Barnett (sight unseen), and when he tossed her to the side, she cozied up to a guy who was all about her…Mark.  Now Mark is by no means her ideal guy.  She was all up in her head about the age difference (she being 34 and him being 24), which to me always seem silly.  Not only in her case, but even when my own friends run into that issue.  If the attraction is mutual, and you’re able to make both a mental and emotional connection, then who cares about the age?

But now, she’s having a super hard time with the physical Mark. He’s short, he has dark features. I think he doesn’t fit the mold of what she’s always seen in a partner.  However, let’s keep in mind that if that vision were perfect, you wouldn’t be single and here now.

As I watched episode 5, I more and more felt bad for Mark.  He really likes Jessica…like a lot!  He’s all in.  I mean, he did propose to her. But, the feelings seriously aren’t mutual.


Now this is my biggest fear in dating.

I suppose we’ve all been there.  When you meet someone, and you are simply all in…

…and the other person just isn’t…for whatever reason.

In the past, I’ve told myself I’m not going to cheapen myself by chasing behind someone who simply doesn’t want to be caught.

And then what happens?  You find yourself falling into the pattern of chasing behind the person who doesn’t want to be caught!!! This usually corresponds tightly with the concept of being “hooked,” which I’ve discussed before.  I encourage you to go check that out.  Also, look up “just in case,” which is very tightly correlated to being on the hook.

So there you are, on the hook, in deep smitt, just being led by the bottom lip.  WTF?

I imagine I’ve looked as pathetic as Mark looks, and felt just as low.  FML!

And we end the episode with the knowledge that the couples will soon be leaving paradise to go back to the real world, where they have to introduce their friends and loved ones to their fiancee; that guy or girl that they met 2 weeks ago.

Imagine that!

This episode also got me thinking about a friend of mine.  She met her husband on a business trip.  They met, and less than a year later, she had moved to another country to be with him.

Love is a strange thing, so I look forward to seeing where love will lead these couples, and if they’ll see it to the end.

Also, I’m totally all about Lauren and Cameron.  They’re so adorable!

On to episode 6!

And of course, we are still chasing the question…

Is love enough?

Have you, or someone you know, experienced love at first sight?  Do you believe that’s a real thing? What are your thoughts on the show so far?  Let me know down below in the comments. 

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