Monday Night Pick Me Up: Six Rules of Success

I apologize for not having this posted on Monday morning. I’ve been on the run.  However, I can say that I needed this weeks pick me up as much as anyone. In my current transition, I’ve been having lots of doubt, and feeling topsy turvy, not sure what direction I am headed, or how to get ahead from my current position. I’m also willing to bet that at least one person reading this is going through something similar, and at least one person is going through something worse.

It’s for that reason I consistently watch videos similar to this one. I need reminders of how to keep on a good path, and how to face the fears of uncertainty when you’re not even quite sure where you’re headed.  I hope this video provides at least one person some reassurance, and hope, as it does for me. I constantly remind myself that I’m not alone, and I want you all to know that none of you are either. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and look on the bright side in all facets of your day.



So insightful…

I was in a bookstore one day, and I bought a book called “Down the Highway.” It was the one that chronicled the sixties in New York and how all the carpets rolled themselves outwards. So I grabbed the greyhound at 6am the following day in Montreal, and arrived in New York about 9 hours later because at the border I was stalled. It was Christmas 2002.

And the next day I found myself in a Korean restaurant, on the corner of Broadway and 49th, and the man across the table from me was a man from Northern India whose hometown was 50 miles from the border with Nepal.

And he was going on and about this song called “Visions of Johanna” and I said I’d heard about it, but I hadn’t heard it. So I went on to tell him, I said tomorrow I’m gonna check out Time Square. And with a cock of his chopsticks and a flick of his eyelids, he told me to beware.

So the next day I moved out of the subway station, and I moved into the crowd, and all around me was electronic warfare. There were tourists dressed up in paparazzi uniforms and policeman dressed up In arms, and I thought to myself that any minute now, one of these dumpsters just might explode…and that the fear in this place needs a haircut, but the barbershop is closed.

And I saw a young boy standing beside a blue box encapsulating the headlines of the New York Times and he looks up into his mother’s face because he sees those storm clouds up above and he says “Mom, I think it’s about to rain.”

And she looks down at him with a smile, and a feathered brow, and she bends her knees ever so slightly, and she brings her mouth very close to his ear, and whispers…
~ Mark Berube

Quote of the Year!

Well fellow daters, and innocent bystanders who just like to see how others wallow down in the murky depths of internet dating, I have secured the e-dating quote of the year.

A friend texted me asking if I’d ever tried Eharmony or OKCupid, to which I replied yes, I recently started using OKCupid.

She then replied the best thing I’ve heard in quite a while, and definitely a front-runner for dating Quote of the Year:

“On Eharmony I was just matched with my father’s mistress’ son.” 

What?!?!?!   I simply replied “Hot!” and that she should go for it!  (What can I say, I’m slightly evil.)

to which she replied,

“He might be my half brother!”  

And on this hot, sunny Monday, all is right with the world.  🙂