Let’s look at this logically: Coal Dumping and the Environment

So this morning, I heard something about the president signing a bill killing the “stream protection rule”, which restricted coal companies from dumping mining waste into streams and waterways. 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about coal mining.  The only coal mine I’ve ever been in is the replica coal mine at the Museum of Science and Industry.  The story caught my eye for 2 reasons:  My mind immediately registered “dumping mining waste into streams and waterways”, and I recently met a woman who was born and raised in Appalachia.  In a conversation, coal mining came up and she mentioned how horrible it was when it was discovered that you could blow the tops off mountains to get to the coal…and the detrimental effects it had not only on the aesthetic beauty of the area, but also on the environment.  Here’s an article on the topic from Wired Magazine:

Blowing The Top Off Mountaintop Mining

But if you just stop and take a step back, objectively, you have to ask the simple question, “Is that healthy?”

So what is coal?

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Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Was watching the video exchange between Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos, as well as the exchange between Ramos and the gentleman in the hallway. I then sat and thought a minute about conversations I’ve had recently about how popular Trump is, and what exactly that means for America as a whole. It immediately made me think about conversations I’ve had with adults and students alike, both in and out of the classroom, about former politicians who’ve run on platforms of hate and hate speech. Most notorious of course being Adolph Hitler. I know I’ve often found people finding it extremely hard to understand how platforms of prejudice, racism, xenophobia and hate reach national status. Well, now we’re getting a glimpse. It starts small, and subtle.

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