Random Thought of the Week: Deer Knuckle

Random Thought of the Week:  I should open a men’s underwear and “sexy-time” store named Deer Knuckle.

Follow the train of thought:

I was out biking and went past the store Moose Jaw.  That started with the thought I should start a store to go head-to-head with them.  I could call it “Deer Hoof”…but then I thought hoof was too benign…how about knuckle.

But damn, I don’t know anything about camping gear.  How about…men’s underwear? And sex gear?

Yeah…and I’ll call it Deer Knuckle.  Yeah.  That’d be hot.

And this is a testament to how my mind works.


Random Friday Thoughts…

…I’m currently sitting in another teacher’s classroom, listening to the mindless conversation that often makes up the teenage universe.  I suppose it’s simply a hallmark of the march toward adulthood.

…I’ve been thinking about writing a slam poem for a slam poetry competition on May 16th, but I have no idea to write about.  Anyone have any ideas.

…I’m going to Wine Riot tonight, and I’m looking forward to it.  I think in a perfect universe, I would meet some interesting young woman who loves talking sociology, politics, and history, and finds it fascinating that I recently read “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson, and we would talk books and literature while tasting a countless number of wines, and getting the giggles as we get blissfully buzzed. I have the odd feeling however that the reality will be slightly less blissful.

…I’m so happy it’s Friday…super happy it’s Friday.

…I haven’t trained Jiu Jitsu since Sunday, and I’m slightly ashamed of myself.

…Looking forward to training Jiu Jitsu tomorrow, but since it’s been a few days, I know it’s going to suck!

…I need to start running more.

…I saw an excellent movie last night named “The Reluctant Fundamentalist“.  Very intelligent, very gripping, I highly recommend it.

…Match.com is proving to be five shades of useless.

…I did discover a website called meetup.com that I’m looking forward to engaging with more. My social life needs an enema.