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The Unforgotten

I’ve been thinking of posting about this exhibit for some time now, but following the horrific event in Charleston South Carolina, I figured this was probably an appropriate time.

The Unforgotten is an amazing piece of art, that transcends what it actually is, into something much more. As I heard the news emerging out of Charleston, I knew 2 bits of information would be inevitable to cross the television.

1) The number of victims
2) The name of the murderer

And that is all people will really remember.  That is the train of thought behind the exhibit The Unforgotten.  In these events, we always remember the name(s) of the killer(s), and yet we reduce the victims to numbers, perhaps ages…but ultimately statistics.

So a group of people decided that they would attempt to change that.  They would make sure that the victims of gun violence would remain “Unforgotten,” by celebrating them as people.  The best way to make that impact…is to have them there, at least in spirit, and more poignantly, in a physical form.  It is that point that makes the Unforgotten so genius.

Now, I’ve had the occasion to see this exhibit twice.  It’s amazing striking…powerful.  I hate using that word “powerful”….it feels so cliche…but in this case it is so appropriate.  The first time I saw them, I immediately teared up.

The statues are, in most cases, wearing the actual clothes of the victims.  The statues were also built to scale, in terms of height and size of the victims.  I also had the occasion to be present when the families of the victims saw the statues for the first time.  Overwhelmingly, you heard the repeated refrain “That’s him.  That’s her”. The creators spent time to try and get the feel of the people, down to the way they stood, the character they would present if they were standing or sitting out in public.

Which is what makes this particular exhibit so very sad, because they aren’t sitting or standing out…and they never will again.  Most of the victims in this exhibit were teenagers, teens being the group most disproportionately affected by gun violence, although the oldest victim was one month away from retirement, and a police officer no less.

This exhibit will be on display yet again at the Annual Saint Sabina End of School Peace Rally and March tomorrow, June 19th.  If anyone has the opportunity to go see it,


I also encourage you to go the Unforgotten website and read the stories of the victims represented in the exhibit.  Spread the video, the site and information to others.  Then, sign the accompanying petition on the site.  It will help to combat illegal gun use and gun violence.

Finally…in the upcoming days, you’re going to hear a lot of news coming out of Charleston, concerning the shooting.  And you will hear the name of the shooter…over and over.  Make sure that you take some time to see and/or hear the names of the victims.  In this situation, they are the ones who are truly important.  They lost their lives to a senseless act of violence, and we owe it to them to remember them, and to make their deaths stand for something more than just a senseless, horrible act.  We need to make sure that they too, remain #Unforgotten.

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A Video….And A Conversation On Race

A friend of mine posted the above video. She also posted the following.

I’m interested in the opinions of all races on this matter. Please let’s not start a negative debate or race war… I only wish to hear opinions as to what you feel the cause of this could be because it seriously hurts my heart to think children (of any race) would feel this way.
My question:
Would this be the response of any child from any race from how they are raised (what they see and hear from their parents/close circles either directed at them or towards others)?
Or is this the result of what society, the general population, television, magazines, etc. somehow imply (almost in the same way girls/women are “raised” by society feel they aren’t beautiful if they aren’t super models)?
Is it a mix of everything?
Other thoughts on it?
How can we fix it?

So, first, let me encourage you to go and watch the NBC special that this short segment is from. They have it on their website in four 20 minute segments.

NBC News: A Conversation About Race

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Sooooo Pretty!!!!  This is Ingrid Michaelson.
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Monday Morning Pick Me Up: Let’s go to the mall!!!

If you don’t know this song, you’ve been missing out.  I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far.  I woke up feeling super sore from training this weekend (Lots of BJJ!!!), and decided to try something.  I’ve been eating better, and working out more, so I went into my bag of shirts that don’t fit.  I’m happy to report that I’m wearing a shirt today that did not fit when I first received it, and it looks pretty darn good. and is actually loose!

Happy Monday peeps!!!

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This Might Be Controversial…

So, something I don’t have issue with….is being controversial.

While I always try to be a pleasant, and kind person…I have no issue offering my opinion.

Now, the problem with that is that my opinion often seems to be out of the scope of the norm.  I’m not exactly sure why that is…but I just often feel like it only takes a few minutes before someone is in some variation…offended.   Continue reading


Indiana. A Defense.

NO I.D.:

This is an awesome article written by the brother of a friend of mine. Definitely worth the read if the ongoing issues in Indiana have caught your attention.

Originally posted on artful fund raiser:


Of course this whole hot mess is President Obama’s fault.

2008 was the first time since Lyndon Johnson that a Democrat took Indiana. By running here, by showing up, by playing the ground game county by county, the President won this state comfortably in 2008. It was a beautiful thing.

The President chose not to run an Indiana campaign in 2012, perhaps to save money, perhaps because he had already the election won on the day Brother Romney prattled on about the Taker 47%, perhaps he wanted instead to coach his daughter’s basketball team. Had the President mobilized the troops, it would have mattered. Our State Director of Education Glenda Ritz got more votes than Mike Pence in 2012, as a proper fire-breathing liberal, and the Democrat John Gregg rallied late and didn’t lose by much. It wouldn’t have taken much to swing it the other direction.

For whatever reason…

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A Tragedy in Multiple Acts

I’m actually sitting in a bar/restaurant as I begin this post. I’ve been feeling really empty as of late. Low serotonin days…one after another. I was talking to a friend about this…actually the friend I am with now, and I think she hit on the head what I’ve been feeling: 

I just miss intimacy. Which is like the loneliest thing one can miss. Not even sex, but passion you know? 

Yeah…I know. She just came from the bathroom, so I’ll finish this later.

I suppose I spend so much time living in the brighter side of my conscience…sometimes you gotta have bad days. 

Loneliness has been an overwhelming feeling as of late. Sometimes the feeling seems intensified by being around people…which is odd…but in some ways makes perfect sense. I feel like a lot of people don’t really get me. I find myself feeling out of place more and more as of late. 

Maybe I am.